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Zachy the Robot - Episode 1: The Leaning Tower of Robocity

Zachy the Robot - Episode 1: The Leaning Tower of Robocity

Fall 2011 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
Contributions From: Kenneth Fullwood
Contributions From: Brittany Weidner
Producer: Charles Kim
Writer: Steve Gillies
Developer: GenevaMars, LLC
Price: $1.99
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch

Zachy the Robot is a new interactive animated series for the iPad/iPod. The robots live in Robocity where they are faced with different challenges that come up throughout the day. In Episode One, they must fix The Leaning Tower so that it doesn’t fall. Throughout the episode, users learn that a structure that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top will offer the best support. Therefore, they are given multiple choice questions to select the best support for various objects that are leaning, ultimately leading to their final challenge to fix the leaning tower. The animation is well done and the lessons that are integrated throughout the show are engaging. Some include real video, such as the pyramids in Egypt, to use as examples of well-supported structures. Our testers (ranging from three- to six-years-old) enjoyed watching the episode on multiple occasions.

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Jessica Hensley is a web designer, yoga and fitness enthusiast and proud mother of two very active young boys. She has been working with family and educational websites for over 12 years.

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