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Numberland HD - Learn Numbers with Montessori

Numberland HD - Learn Numbers with Montessori

Fall 2011 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Contributions From: Valerie Touze
Contributions From: JeanJean
Contributions From: Gael de Dorlodot
Contributions From: Marilyne Maugin
Download Price: $4.99
Platform: iPad

Using the Montessori method of hands on exploration and re-enforcement, children practice writing and understanding numbers in this app hosted by two friendly cartoon guides. Tam & Tao offer mini-lessons on each of the numbers 1 through 9 and, finally, 0. Each number is clearly pronounced and written in a scene bubbling with countable sets of animals, shoes, clouds, and more. The app’s hosts ski across mountains, fly through space, and drive through a city as they introduce each number. Tam carries a notebook with countable blocks, while clicking Tao lets players trace each number in the color of their choice. We especially enjoyed the counting stick activity used to explain the concept of zero. Young testers enjoyed the memorable illustrations throughout.

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