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Moo Ba La La La

Moo Ba La La La

Fall 2011 Mobile Apps
Ages: All Ages
Author: Sandra Boynton
Contributions From: Calvin Wang
Contributions From: Sung Hong
Illustrator: Sandra Boynton
Music By: Michael Ford
Music By: Sandra Boynton
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad

Loud Crow offers a charming rendition of a Sandra Boynton classic. Readers choose whether "The big guy reads it" or "I want to read it myself". The book is displayed on a bed surrounded by stuffed animals and paint brushes, and it is illustrated as a board book. Each animal moos, oinks, and sings when touched, and most will move when touched as well (don’t forget to take the pigs at the books beginning for a spin).

The page turning swipe is simple and straightforward in this app, and the interactive features aren’t difficult to unearth. If you aren’t sure whether the pigs really do say "Oink!" all day and night, turn the sun into a moon to darken the page to prove it. On another page, launch loud dogs across the page toward meow-ing cats and kittens. The sillly play-along moments and encouragement to add your own sounds might make this better suited as an afternoon, rather than a bedtime, story.

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