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Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Fall 2011 Software
Ages: 10 & Up
Price: $19.99

In The Captive Curse, our heroic teenage role-model sleuth Nancy Drew heads into her latest adventure in much the same style as the series has established long ago. The storyline this time is that Nancy heads to Germany to investigate reports of a monster that’s terrorizing the community.

Like previous Nancy Drew investigations, players get a dose of a foreign culture. In this case, it's German culture, folklore and language (you learn several German words), which is pretty cool. To progress through this first-person perspective, 3D, roam around game, players use logic to solve puzzles and beat mini-games. Challenges include a monster game, Junior’s logistics game, the Glass Tile game, and Lukas’ father’s code game. There’s even a Glockenspiel to examine!

If you play as a Junior detective and it’s a bit easier. Senior detectives face the hardest challenges with no hints or help (though Nancy always has her trusty cell phone to call for some assistance).

As in other titles from this series, Nancy must interact with several characters who are also suspects. In this game, there’s the Bürgermeister Lukas, old Renate in the banquet room, and Anja Mittelmeier at the gift shop.

There are many locations to explore, ranging from the glass shop and the castle’s dungeon to the furnace room and the mist-covered woods. Be forewarned: Monsters are by their nature scary, so there are a few frightening moments throughout game. None of these will upset players too much.

This is another great Nancy Drew mystery that longtime fans or newbies should check out for sure. There aren’t many franchise titles like this in videogaming.

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