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Sight Words

Sight Words

Fall 2011 DVD
Ages: 4 & Up
DVD Price: $19.99

Rock ‘N Learn presents Sight Words, a DVD designed to help teach young children the most frequently used words in the English language, ones that educational experts want them to automatically recognize on sight. It’s a fun and comfortably-paced program that presents phonics-based strategies through computer animation, songs, and graphics.

Animated characters ranging from humans to animals to robots suggest that it’s easier to remember certain concepts when they’re set to music. They sing original songs with lyrics built around 60 common sight words. Accompanying animation illustrates the context in which the sight word are used. For example, we see characters "come" and "go," we see objects "in" and "out," etc. The sight words also appear at the bottom of the screen, in order to further aid in reading and spelling skills. It all comes together to teach a comprehensive lesson about sight words that kids really are likely to absorb with repeated viewings.

In addition to the main 50-minute program, this DVD’s Bonus Section includes a feature that focuses on the shape of sight words and another segment explaining the rules of pronouncing t-h-e. Jacket copy also directs viewers to a website offering free printable resources. Thanks to its lively musical format, Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words can be a useful addition to your classroom or home-school curriculum.

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