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Toobers & Zots Bend & Build Foamstruction Set

Toobers & Zots Bend & Build Foamstruction Set

Fall 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Little Kids, Inc.
Price: $24.99

The Toobers and Zots Foamstruction set is a pretty cool toy. Kids immediately liked this toy. They began to put pieces together and had fun trying to make funny shapes. Parents liked that they were working on their fine motor skills, since it takes some coordination to poke the Toobers through the circles and knock out the dots. While we had fun just goofing around with the various shapes, it was nice to have some ideas in the included booklet to help you get started. Without those suggestions, parents felt kids might have moved on quickly from this toy. Once they realized what fun things they could build, play got a lot more creative.

The packaging was good and there are enough pieces to make this a versatile toy which will be good for both individual and cooperative play. It challenges children to develop motor skills and be creative, and because they can build different things each time, the toy will not get boring. This is a very entertaining and interesting take on traditional blocks or other building toys and all of the parents who tested it would definitely recommend it.

Editor's Note: Some reviewers worried about the odor the toys had when newly opened. Letting them air for a few hours before play solved this problem.

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Karena Rush is a professor in the Psychology Department at Millersville University. Karena has two young daughters and spends most of her free time outdoors with her family and old English sheepdog.

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