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Fortamajig Fun Fort!

Fortamajig Fun Fort!

Fall 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 - 12 yrs.
Price: $39.95

When I was a child, our forts were dependent upon two chairs and a blanket. Today, kids have the incredible option of using a Fortamajig Fun Fort! for building their secret hideaways. The product is so simple, yet so ingenious. It's merely a lightweight square of material with adjustable Velcro loop enclosures attached all along the sides and center of the square. The Velcro loops mean that the fort can be attached or suspended from just about anything. Where our old blanket forts often collapsed from lack of support, a Fortamajig fort is practically fail-safe as all of the sides can be secured to objects inside or out. For example, our testers used the Fortamajig to create an inside fort with one side suspended from a bunk bed, another side attached to a curtain rod and a third side attached to some chairs. Outside, this durable material sustained a few storms while attached to various parts of a swing set. There are also extension loops included which means that even hard to reach objects can be used to help suspend the material.

Like the magic of an empty cardboard box, the Fortamajig is a simple object brimming with possibilities for endless hours of imaginative play. There are few toys that offer such timeless appeal to children of all ages. It is a must have for every toy box!

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