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Quick Sticker Projects

Quick Sticker Projects

Fall 2011 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
Price: $4.99

These are cute and inexpensive kits for making simple purses, dinosaur play scenes, or robots as art projects. The packaging says they are suitable for ages three and up, and testers found that eight was the maximum age at which kids still enjoyed them.

Contents are compact. The purses, for example, are quite small (3x2 inches), and made of paper, so they're not an item a child will keep for too long. Still, there's plenty to play with, and the kit contains three purses and stickers to accompany each. Each purse shows parts of an animal face, and you supplement the face with the stickers from the kit. The stickers are colorful and sparkly, so they are fun and the whole effect is certainly cute.

With the dinosaur kit, players will find a volcano and lake backdrop with standup dinosaur characters and stickers. The robot one includes enough parts to make and decorate two paper robots.

In summary, this is an inexpensive and fun art project for younger kids. With its low price point, it works well as a stocking stuffer or party favor.

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