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LEGO® Games: LEGO® Champion

LEGO® Games: LEGO® Champion

Fall 2011 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: The LEGO Group
Price: $34.99

LEGO® Champion combines the fun of building LEGOs with a series of challenges. The challenges determine who will receive the LEGO Champion Gold Trophy. The game, including the board game and the die, is made entirely of LEGOs. The first player to circle the board and beat the final challenge wins. There are five specific challenges, depending on what color of the die you roll: On Target, Bluffing Bricks, Topple Tower, Codebreaker and Speed Builder. Players must utilize creativity, cooperation, process of elimination, coordination, and other skills to successfully complete the challenges. The game also includes extra pieces that allow modifications to the game. A tiny crowbar lets players remove sides of the die to replace them with different colors representing new playing challenges. Since all the pieces of the game are LEGO pieces, replacement parts can easily be found, and the pieces themselves can be used simply for building LEGO structures. Kid testers enjoyed the game and played it a number of times.

Trish Reske   ©2011 Parents' Choice

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