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Tonka Roadway Rigs

Tonka Roadway Rigs

Fall 2011 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Funrise Toy Corp.
Price: $27.99

In my worldview, little boys can never have too many toy trucks. So right out of the gate, these two Tonka trucks were up against some pretty stiff competition in our household - which makes the fact that they've become the "truck of choice" for my toddlers all the more impressive.

Tonka makes an entire line of these Roadway Rigs. The two we reviewed are the Construction truck and the Life Guard truck. But others available include Fire Rescue and Police Check Point.

Both are rather sizable vehicles - perfect for toddlers to push around the floor. Each pulls an LED light-up sign on a removable trailer, which connects to the main truck via a tow hitch. The construction sign says "Road Work Ahead," while the Life Guard Truck says "High Tide!"

According to the toymaker, the electronic road signs are interchangeable so your child "can change the message when the situation arises." So far, however, we've not been able to locate accessories available for sale. We'll keep looking.

They also both have flashing lights on top, and they sound three different sirens depending on which button you push.

One rather silly add-on feature is the perforated "road signs" and "lane dividers" (sort of like saw horses) printed on the actual packaging for, ahem, "added play value." After spending a half hour trying to cut these darn things out of the cardboard, they basically collapsed on the coffee table. Thirty minutes later, I put them in the recycle bin where they belong.

So are these trucks a worthwhile investment? You bet. These trucks are sturdy. They're fun. And I have no doubt they're going to get a lot of use around here!

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