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Disney's Mickey Saves the Day 3D Adventure

Disney's Mickey Saves the Day 3D Adventure

Spring 2001 Software
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Price: $19.99
Platform: win95or later version
Think Disney meets Myst in this graphically impressive 3D search-for-clues adventure. Instead of a first-person perspective, however, you play from a Disney character perspective-choosing to be either Mickey Mouse or Minnie. The plot is standard cartoonsville: Big Bad Pete has kidnapped the mayor (whichever main character isn't chosen), and you're on a rescue mission. That requires navigating through the streets, homes, buildings and other locations of Mickey's hometown to find valuable clues to the whereabouts of the mayor and pick up various items that will help save the day.

The game is packed with two difficulty levels and 25 searchable locations-though many areas, such as downtown, aren't available from the start and access to them must be earned. Other Disney characters make cameo appearances to lend a hand. Mini-games along the way, from a factory maze to an arcade-style sandwich making game, add fun to a game that might prove too difficult at first for many youngsters. This is not academic fun-and-games: The educational value is limited to the skills of discovery-testing logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills-and little else. The game is more of a looker than a cooker: Too bad the gameplay isn't nearly as captivating as the dazzling interactive 3D movie graphics.

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