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The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont

The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont

Fall 2011 Non-Fiction
Ages: 5 & Up
Author: Victoria Griffith
Illustrator: Eva Montanari
ISBN: 978-1419700118
Hardcover Price: $16.95

Imagine running errands not by driving a car or riding in a bus, but in a dirigible of your own design and making. That's precisely what a charming and popular inventor, the Brazilian-born Alberto Santos-Dumont, did in Paris in the early 1900's. He drove his balloon to meet his friend Louis Cartier for lunch and to his favorite haberdasher - to replace yet another hat burned when Alberto used it to extinguish the flammable hydrogen gas that helped keep the balloon aloft.

In addition to introducing young readers to early aviation, Victoria Griffith's story tells us that Santos-Dumont's inability to check his pocket watch during flights was the inspiration for Cartier to invent the wristwatch.

Griffith's author's notes and index add depth and dimension to her account that in 1906, Santos-Dumont was the first to fly a plane that would take off and land under its own power.

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