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Dear Hot Dog

Dear Hot Dog

Fall 2011 Poetry
Ages: 3 & Up
Author: Mordicai Gerstein
ISBN: 978-0810997325
Hardcover Price: $16.95

Mordicai Gerstein's ode to the everyday follows three young children from morning 'til night.

Gerstein celebrates 22 things that touch a child's day, including a toothbrush, pants, shoes, air, an ice cream cone, and more. Each poem poses and ponders, observes and opines, all from a child's perspective. "My crayons pop up in their box/ hands raised:/Pick me!/Pick me!" and "Books!/All sizes, all colors/whispering/'Come inside!/Come inside!'" Several double spreads present two related objects, cup/bowl, kite/air, and bear/light. The illustrations bring life and authenticity to this irresistible introduction to poetry.

Claire Green   ©2011 Parents' Choice
Claire is president of Parents' Choice Foundation and cofounder of Sandbox Summit®. She looks for toys and media that will unleash children's interests, and celebrate the fun of learning.

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