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Chirp Magazine

Chirp Magazine

Spring 2012 Magazines
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $4.50
Subscription Price: $34.95 / 10 Issues

Chirp is an engaging magazine for kids three to six and their parents. Each page of this sized-for-little-hands magazine offers a different story, activity, game or puzzle that parents and kids can do together using familiar and relatable themes like pets, kids, the beach, or animals. Older kids can tackle several things on their own while little ones would enjoy helping mom or dad solve the puzzles. Among the several magazines of this genre, I found Chirp the most fun for the adult reader. Rather than being a quick cover to cover read, the content in this magazine stays interesting from one issue to the next with lots of activities to try and games to play. We tried out a recipe one day, and, after gathering supplies we had around the house, built a building for our toys to live in on another day. As a parent always looking for new ideas and activities to do with my toddler, I look forward to receiving the next issue.

Tracey Clark   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Tracey Clark is the mother of a three year old son. When she's not chasing after him, she's running the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, a local non-profit, and an architectural antique business. She dreams of the day she can get back on her motorcycle and continue seeing the world.

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