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EVO Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution

EVO Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution

Spring 2012 DVD
Ages: 5 - 18 yrs.

Filmmaker and environmentalist John Feldman offers nearly two hours of fact, theory, and thought-provoking commentary in EVO Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution. Narrated by Feldman, and augmented by interviews with an impressive collection of scientists and scholars gathered for the World Summit on Evolution, this educational film manages to deliver advanced scientific concepts in a way that is both entertaining and accessible for a general audience.

So which questions should everyone ask about evolution? The list ranges from Who was Charles Darwin? to What is natural selection? and Why should we care about evolution? Each question is broken down into its own segment and features interviews, bold nature cinematography, interesting animation, and vintage footage as it explores the answer.

This film also asks the question, What is the controversy surrounding evolution? addressing the national debate pitting Evolution against Creationism in American public school education. A 10-minute segment explores the controversy and scientists and philosophers trace its roots throughout history. The sequence definitely does favor science but it does so through a discussion that is respectful and even-tempered, and it provides a framework (supported by Charles Darwin himself) suggesting that the existence of God is not contradictory to a belief in evolution.

The information in this film is appropriate for use in middle- and high-school science classes, and even for adults interested in brushing up on scientific concepts. (FYI, The suggested age range for this program says 5 - 18 but it's unrealistic to expect kids younger than 12 to connect with the content as it's presented here.) Overall, EVO Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution offers a clear, informative, and provocative exploration of evolution appropriate for youth and adults, and it's likely to inspire deep thought as well as lively debate.

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