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Teaching Systems Nutrition Series

Teaching Systems Nutrition Series

Spring 2012 DVD
Ages: 13 - 18 yrs.
DVD Price: $359.98

Cerebellum, longtime producers of educational curriculum, presents the Teaching Systems Nutrition Series, a set of eight DVDs aimed at students aged 13 - 18. Each disk focuses on a different component of nutrition: Intro to Cells and Macronutrients; What Your Body Does with Food; The Food Spectrum; Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and Water; Preventing Nutritional Disorders; Eating in Context; Where Does Your Food Come From?; and The Savvy Eater.

The information is well-organized and presented by likable teen and young adult hosts. The cast uses skits, inventive sets, high-end graphic and eye-popping animation to convey the information which, according to jacket copy, correlates to state educational standards. Despite the creative devices and teen cast, the script isn't overly corny, nor does it try to use "cool" teen slang. In fact, most of the subject matter sounds exactly like something you'd read in your average high school text book, but the high production values are likely to hold viewer interest longer and be more memorable than if the content was simply read from a book.

Teaching Systems Nutrition Series includes a digital workbook with comprehensive resources and assessments for each lesson, making it a turn-key educational tool for both teachers and homeschoolers. Even though this is intended largely as health and science curriculum, some of the lessons, particularly Preventing Nutritional Disorders, Eating in Context, and The Savvy Eater would be appropriate to present to teens involved in sports, dance, and other pursuits that blend athleticism with performing arts.

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