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Cars 2: The Video Game

Cars 2: The Video Game

Spring 2012 Video Games
Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
Price: $39.99
Gaming System: Xbox 360

Cars 2: The Video Game is not especially educational, but that's not its intent. If you're looking for an animated kart racing videogame, this is a good one. Based on Disney Pixar's Cars 2, it may be more fun than the movie.

Built for multiplayer craziness, Cars 2: The Video Game lets up to four players race on split screen using their choice from thirty cartoony character-cars fueled to fill 'er up with great gameplay and vivid graphics, personality and energy. The premise is that new C.H.R.O.M.E. car technology requires extensive training. Races happen on imaginative tracks all over the world-from an oil rig to London, Tokyo and Monaco. Cars can jump and hop sideways, gear into power slides and turbo mode, throw into reverse, execute on-a-dime 180-degree spins, acquire "boost," perfectly perform mid-air flips, and trick on two wheels.

The game is not totally benign. Attacking opponents is essential for winning. Racers have an arsenal of weapons-machine guns, mines, missiles, oil spills, lasers, and other standard stuff for a kart racing games. More cars unlock as you play well. In-depth tutorials help you get started easily. Kids who love kart racers or loved the movie will enjoy this game.

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