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Kinect Sports: Season Two

Kinect Sports: Season Two

Spring 2012 Video Games
Ages: All Ages
Price: $29.99
Gaming System: Xbox 360

The sequel to last year's ground-breaking Kinect Sports game that helped introduce Xbox's full-body motion sensor system, this one offers more of the same family-friendly, multi-player, multi-sports gaming.

Sports in this go-round include football, baseball, darts, golf, skiing and tennis. Players create game-action avatars that replicate their simple real-life physical motions (throwing action, jumping action, leaning in skiing) and voice commands on-screen. Activities include pitching, throwing a football, and more.

While the sports themselves are nothing radically new or innovative in the world of sports videogaming, some feature new developments and fun contests. In baseball, for instance, the catcher tells you (the pitcher) each batter's weaknesses. Some of the "hits" in football, where you can play as the quarterback, kick returner or field-goal kicker, are jarring-but nobody gets hurt. The golf game is both easy, fun and imitates a full club swings. And skiing through gates and off jumps is a blast. One flaw is the difficulty in aiming the darts. It requires a smaller motion that the sensor doesn't seem to pick up easily.

The good news is that players can get a pretty good workout and the game tracks calories burned based on body stats entered in the personal profile at the beginning.

Overall, the graphics are colorful and entertaining. The soundtrack is totally upbeat and creates a nice environment for play. The play-by-play commentary is a little too basic, gets some things wrong, and avoids judging performances (count that as a plus). Instructional segments with actual humans demonstrating how games are played help kids get into the sports faster.

Like its predecessor, Season Two is best played with friends. Up to four players can join in the fun, and the more the merrier! It's a great party game.

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