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Faces iMake-Right Brain Creativity

Faces iMake-Right Brain Creativity

Spring 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Artist: Hanoch Piven
Developer: Hanoch Piven
Developer: Eyal Tzafrir
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad

My kids love the creating genre of apps: Whether it is decorating cookies or creating jelly molds, or now, making faces. The developers of Faces iMake did a great job offering so many options, both in terms of items to use, and in ways to inspire kids. I like that there are inspirational ideas in the gallery, and tutorials to help. For non-readers and the younger group, parents will need to help them understand several interface issues, such as using the trash, or navigating everything on the left (with text). The song is fun, but a quicker mute button on the main screen would have been appreciated.

I like that the conventions of dragging, rotating and scaling in this app are consistent with iOs conventions, as it makes it easier to use. My kids knew immediately what to do when resizing or moving items.

Some 'templates' with eye shapes or nose shapes may have been helpful for my youngest, who had a difficult time recognizing what the shape of the face was to begin with. The tutorials helped too.

Both children returned to this app after play, and I imagine it will become one replayed often, particularly if I can sit and guide them a few more times on some interface issues. The interface was clear to me, and it will make sense to most children with a bit of help.

Barbara Chamberlin   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Barbara Chamberlin researches and develops educational software and media at New Mexico State University's Learning Games Lab. She and her husband have two boys.

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