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Tap A Tune

Tap A Tune

Spring 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 2 & Up
Developer: Mindshapes
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad

Any child can play a full octave (eight-key) keyboard on an iPad using Tap A Tune. Upon opening the app, there will be a scene with eight holes. Each hole plays a different note when tapped, and each note is associated with a specific animal who will pop out of the hole when it is tapped. Above that scene, there are several options to change. Click the keyboard to turn the game scene into a colorful xylophone with Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do written on each key. Again, a hole in each key displays a little animal when it is pressed. The next option lets children choose which song they would like to play. Click that option to hear the first bar of the song chosen, which will be represented by a star, a boat, or other symbol representing a nursery rhyme. An animal will pop into the hole of the next note to be played in each song. For younger children, parents can click the pacifier option so that children can tap any key to play the next note in the song. If your child prefers to play their own song, they can switch to a free play mode. Children can also change which instrument will sound when the keys are tapped, a feature similar to other keyboards. Though the number of options may sound overwhelming, it's all intuitive once the controls are learned. Best of all, the navigation is all picture-based, meaning even children too young to read will be able to use the app.

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