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Roll & Play

Roll & Play

Spring 2012 Games
Ages: 1 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun Inc.
Price: $19.99

The Roll and Play square, intended to be a child's first game, is an excellent tool to teach children colors. According to the box, it also works on counting, gross motor skills, following instruction, and image/word recognition. It is a plush seven-inch cube with a different color on each side. It comes with playing cards that parents can store in a pocket on one side of the cube. These cards are divided by color into six categories: Emotions (yellow), counting (orange), body parts (purple), colors (blue), animal sounds (green), and actions (red). Either a parent or the child rolls the cube, and together they act out the instructions on the card of the color rolled. If a toddler rolls blue, for example, they will pick up a blue card. That card might ask them to find something blue in the surrounding room.

Our reviewers used the game as it is intended, but they found that the card part of the game was still too advanced for those children on the younger end of the suggested age range. Those children still enjoyed rolling the cube and saying what color had landed on top. It has been a useful tool for developing color recognition. Parent testers suggested practicing that skill with Roll & Play first. Once color recognition is mastered, then the card play aspect of the game should be introduced.

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