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Glow-in-the-Dark Lab

Glow-in-the-Dark Lab

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: SmartLab
Price: $24.99

The Glow in the dark lab includes 20 science projects that glow in the dark such as invisible ink, glo-water, and glow in the dark bouncy balls. Most materials are included, but you will need to buy some common household items prior to beginning most activities (such as cornstarch, borax and alum). The experiments are easy to complete and fun! In addition, the lab book gives kid friendly explanations of each project so you understand why the project works. The lab book also lets you know which activities take a long time to complete, which need adult supervision, and which are messy. This is a great science kit for children who like to conduct experiments.

While our testers enjoyed this kit, they wished that the materials not included had been listed on the box. Of the 20 activities, only 5 can be done without additional household items. While some of the additional items are readily available in most kitchens (such as flour & salt), other items such as tonic water, alum, unflavored gelatin, and borax are not. Reviewers also wished that the kit came with more fluorescent ink, as the included container only lasts long enough to complete each activity once.

Karena Rush, Ph. D.   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Karena Rush is a professor in the Psychology Department at Millersville University. Karena has two young daughters and spends most of her free time outdoors with her family and old English sheepdog.

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