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Spring 2012 Website
Ages: 8 - 11 yrs.
Producer: Ellen Doherty
Producer: Sandra Sheppard
Producer: Frances Nankin
Producer: Marj Kleinman
Producer: Kristin DiQuollo
Publisher: Thirteen/ WNET

Our testers enjoyed watching videos and playing games on the Cyberchase site. The content provides educational material in math. One eight-year-old watched a video about fractions and then played a game matching fractions to other representations of the same number. Another tester, a 5-year-old who also watches the show, enjoyed the site too. For each math subject area, the site has videos, games, and activities (printable pages to do off-line.)

Within the games section there are five different extended activities called Quests. In quests, the player looks for items and completes tasks. Some of the tasks in Quest 3 were: determining which size sweater different birds needed based on their weight and wing span, determining where an attack was occurring based on the point of intersection of three circles, answering word jumbles, and answering trivia questions about animals. At the end of the quest there is a culminating task using all of the gathered objects. Our 8-year-old tester found the directions for Quests difficult to understand. For example, within Quest 1 she could not figure out where to get the basic equipment for her skatebot. Nonetheless, she enjoyed playing the Quest, which took her several hours of computer time to complete (the Quest will save your place if you leave the computer.)

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