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Sesame Street Website

Sesame Street Website

Spring 2012 Website
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Contributions From: Jessica Yin
Publisher: Sesame Workshop

The Sesame Street website draws heavily from its classic television content. The overall design of the site is easy to use though some parental guidance would be needed to get from one section to the next.

With such a long history of television content it's no surprise the video section is probably the sites biggest asset. It's easy to use and set up like You Tube just for Sesame Street. It was the easiest area of the site for my child to navigate alone. Other areas had games and other activities inspired by the video content. Most games require a child to watch a short narration video then follow some instructions. My son had fun playing games like "tooth brushing" and watching the videos.

The site is certainly worth a visit or two just for the video section, and I would love to see even more web-specific content in the future.

Tracey Clark   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Tracey Clark is the mother of a three year old son. When she's not chasing after him, she's running the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, a local non-profit, and an architectural antique business. She dreams of the day she can get back on her motorcycle and continue seeing the world.

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