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Spring 2012 Website
Ages: 5 - 17 yrs.
Contributions From: Nicola Dixon
Contributions From: Tiffany Rahn
Contributions From: Eric Meidel
Contributions From: Jim Meyers
Publisher: Artsonia

Instead of creating art online with virtual tools, students upload digital images of physical paintings, drawings or photographs they've created themselves. These are displayed in an online gallery and can be entered in contests on the site for recognition. It's a fun and easy way to showcase your child's work.

If you're not used to photographing art, it takes a little practice, and Artsonia offers tips (don't use a flash, find good day light, etc.) Once you've uploaded an image, you can edit it with common tools like auto-fix, cropping, or adjust brightness and contrast before you publish. The online galleries are secure - only screen names are used - and can be shared with family and friends all over the world while still protecting your child's privacy.

Artsonia's gift shop lets users choose from a large selection of reasonably-priced items to adorn with your child's art - coffee mugs, greeting cards, canvasses, tote bags. And fundraisers take note: if your school is signed up, Artsonia will give 15% of the proceeds of any gift shop items they sell with your artist's work back to the school.

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