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Kerpoof Studios

Kerpoof Studios

Spring 2012 Website
Ages: 4 - 15 yrs.
Developer: Disney Interactive Media Group

Kerpoof is a highly entertaining and educational website. It is a creative child's dream come true. What I find most unique about this website is the ability to use animation in the stories and movies. My 7-year-old was able to independently write a story in which the princess spoke and moved. While the site is primarily geared towards creative expressions (such as writing a book or creating a movie, picture, or card), it also has academic components as well such as spelling (i.e. spell as many sea animals as you can) and math (i.e. identify patterns). There are also lesson plans that can be extremely useful for parents and teachers. The lesson plans range from literature (such as examining fact and fiction through Tall Tales) to Art (such as learning about different artists). What sets this website apart from others, is that a child can engage in all of these activities for free. There is a reasonably priced membership option for those who are interested in more advanced techniques but it is not necessary to thoroughly enjoy the site. In addition, there is no "hard sell" as you find on other sites. Your child will not be shown materials that they can only access via membership, and they will not be prompted to buy a membership. Overall, I find this a very educational and entertaining site that I would definitely recommend to others.

Karena Rush, Ph. D.   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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