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Spring 2001 Home Video
Ages: 5 & Up
Length: 82
Rating: PG
VHS Price: $26.99
DVD Price: $29.99
The tag line on this movie is "you've never seen anything like it" and Disney isn't overhyping this time around. Dinosaur is truly a wonder. The opening scene featuring a soaring pterodactyl will mesmerize everyone in the family. Incredibly lifelike scenes will make you think T-Rexes are still ambling around the earth somewhere. And while Dinosaur is pure Gold, it's not pure sugar. This isn't a feature with plates and forks breaking into song and dance. It's a serious movie about an orphaned dinosaur raised by lemurs. All of them join a dinosaur trek to a new land after a meteor shower destroys their home. It exemplifies courage and bravery and caring for others. Very young children might be scared by the two mean Carnatours. And head dino Kron is an awfully angry leader. But the real situations between the lead characters are what give the movie such meaning. Great entertainment for the entire family.
Ann Oldenburg   ©2001 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, lecturer and interim director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, writes about television, food, workplace issues and other pop culture topics. A University of Florida Gator with a degree in journalism, she began her career at The Washington Post and spent more than two decades with USA TODAY. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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