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Space It!

Space It!

Spring 2012 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: SimplyFun
Price: $28.00

Space It! Is a new board game in which up to five players are dealt a series of tiles that they must discard by building numerical sequences in the main game area. Though the artwork for the game draws from intergalactic imagery, this is really a game for building math skills. Each game begins with players selecting twelve number tiles that they then arrange and hide behind a screen. During the opening round of play, everyone must place a sequence of three evenly spaced number tiles in front of their screen, such that everyone can see it. For example, one player could offer the numbers 4, 11, and 18 in sequence, and the next could place 4, 16, and 28 into the playing area. During the rest of the game, players try to get rid of all of their tiles by either branching new sequences off of the ones in plays or adding numbers to those ones. The first player to use all of his or her tiles wins.

The game includes 90 space-it tiles, five player screens, instructions and a cloth bag for storage. In addition to the obvious math skills listed above, the game encourages sequencing, family time, following of instructions, cooperative play and turn-taking. It is a fun and challenging game with definite replay value.

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