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MEGA Puzzles 3D Breakthrough

MEGA Puzzles 3D Breakthrough

Spring 2012 Puzzles
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: MEGA Brands, Inc.
Price: $19.99

If you've seen one jigsaw puzzle, you've seen them all, right? You might want to reserve that judgment until you've taken a look at the new Mega Brands 3D puzzles. The age-old classic activity has gotten a facelift with a new, patent-pending system that turns your traditional two-dimensional puzzle into a three-dimensional work of art. The kit includes 250 traditional puzzle pieces, 35 3D model pieces, over 50 attachment clips, over 200 joining clips, puzzle glue, applicator and instructions. The completed puzzle will have components like hot air balloons that actually pop several inches off of the table. Each puzzle is rated according to its difficulty. Level two, for example, is a moderate challenge fit for ages eight and up, with a large amount of simple folding required. This is a great family activity that will get everyone working together while honing patience, concentration, hand-coordination and fine-motor skills.

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