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American Girl Crafts® Felicity Merriman® Embroidered Pillow Kit

American Girl Crafts® Felicity Merriman® Embroidered Pillow Kit

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: EKSuccess Brands
Price: $21.99

Need a rainy day project? The American Girl Crafts Felicity Sweet Heart Stitched Pillow Kit includes a project and idea book, an attractive pre-printed pillow front, a pillow back, five colors of embroidery floss, a needle, a needle threader, a thimble, and polyester stuffing. The instructions, which are fully and clearly illustrated, demonstrate basic sewing techniques. Children will learn to thread a needle, properly tie a square knot, and complete three special stitches: the cross stitch, the running stitch and the back stitch. The kit also includes a quiz to see how much your child is like the American Girl character Felicity, along with the URL of the American Girl website, where they can learn more about Felicity and the times in which she lived. Though this is an indirect advertisement for the Felicity doll, parents still appreciated the fact that it gets children interested in children from different times and places. Developmentally, the sewing skills are great for hand-eye coordination, concentration, following of directions, sequencing and fine motor skills.

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