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Playtime Babies

Playtime Babies

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Price: $29.95

Our reviewers had plenty of nice things to say about this baby doll. "Once we opened it and got the baby out," for her daughter, one said, "We couldn't pry her baby out of her hands for hours!" This baby is very life-like in appearance, and it is useful for teaching a little one where the eyes, ears, nose, and other body parts are on her. The doll comes with a bottle and an adorable headband, and her thumb can stick in her mouth. Her body is squishy with a sort of bean bag feel, so she's great for snuggling. She also has an intense "baby powder" smell, which adds to the doll's realism. One mother noted that she would recommend the doll simply for the fact that she is machine washable. That puts many years of love (and dirt!) ahead for this baby, so it's wonderful that she can just be thrown in the wash.

Beyond the doll's composition, parents enjoyed watching their little ones nurture and care for the doll. One said, "It is important for a young child, in my opinion, to develop a sense of helping and caring for something that relies on that child...It's a very basic doll, but for a 1-year-old who is just getting the idea of having something to comfort and hold, this is suitable."

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