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Growing Hope Against Hunger

Growing Hope Against Hunger

Spring 2012 Television
Ages: All Ages
Producer: Sesame Workshop
Rating: TV Y

While their older siblings are reading The Hunger Games, younger viewers can get a thoughtful and careful lesson on the food issues here in the United States courtesy of Sesame Street. In fact, chances are that someone watching the show is affected by food deserts or hunger issues. Through thoughtful dialogue and stories, the Sesame Workshop gang, as part of their Food For Thought initiative, let kids know that if they are facing hunger, they are not alone. The one hour special explores the notion that by working together as a community, people can help solve some big problems. It also introduces a new character named Lily, whose family is struggling to get food on the table. Big topics like this can be frightening to kids. Crafted by the deft hands of the folks at Sesame Workshop, this special introduces an important issue and gives kids a sense of empowerment as well as plan of action. Songs, games and animation, combined with live action sequences, help bring about ideas like food drives and even growing plants as part of the solution.

Laura Fries   ©2012 Parents' Choice
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