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Wild Cards: Baby Animals

Wild Cards: Baby Animals

Spring 2012 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Birdcage Press
Price: $12.95

The latest installment in the card series from Birdcage Press continues to impress. Here, animal lovers are treated to stunning photographs of baby wild animals. Many are paired with a parent, others are posed alone. Each animal has a pair of cards that identify its home continent and each card offers a different set of facts. For example, each of the two giraffe cards has the same photo, but displays different information (giraffe's tongues are black so they don't get sunburned when reaching for leaves all day and an Orangutan's arms are twice as long as his legs!) The included book offers animal facts, and suggests three games to play: of Old Maid, Go Fish and Memory/Concentration. Testers played games and enjoyed reading the respective facts to each other. Although these games can be played with any deck of cards, this offered a chance to engage players with facts and photos - and to share with others long after the games end.

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