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Butterfly Glamour Garden

Butterfly Glamour Garden

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: DuneCraft, Inc
Price: $24.99

This product is a terrarium kit and seeds, designed to attract butterflies. It also contains a "seed bomb" to plant outside in your garden. The product has instructions for the children to wet the included soil, plant the seeds, and decorate the garden with the included gravel and stones. They also get stickers and gems to decorate the outside of the terrarium. My 9-year-old found the directions straightforward, and enjoyed the palnting and decorating. While this product says it is for ages 3 and up, even a 6-year-old needed a lot of guidance and supervision to prepare and plant the garden. She put stickers on the clear terrarium cover until we told her it was necessary to leave space for sunlight to enter the terrarium.

The kit contains five varieties of seeds for plants that are attractive to butterflies (alyssum, jewel weed, princess flower, rainbow plant.) The directions are confusing, though, about when the terrarium should be outside and when inside - it says you should place it on a windowsill, and "do not place your terrarium outside in the hot may place it outdoors in the shade...when the temperature is below 80 degrees." Obviously, it will only attract butterflies outside, so it's a bit odd that the conditions for being outside are so limited. The seeds take one to three weeks to germinate, so we imagine they'd do best outside once they've cleared that stage of growth.

Rachel Schiff   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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