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Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Lay-n-Go, LLC
Price: $24.00

The Lay-n-Go is absolutely a must-have for any parent who has stepped on LEGOs, cars, trains, or any other small toy that have you howling and hopping around on one foot in the middle of the night. It lies flat on a table or floor, and is made with durable and machine-washable ripstop nylon. The Lite size is perfect for small to medium sized LEGO projects, and it is designed to fit easily on restaurant tables or airplane trays. When kids are done working for the day, they just pull the drawstring, and the flat disk of nylon turns into a sturdy carrying case with a handle. LEGO or other building projects cannot usually be finished in one play session. When our tester parents' children were distracted by friends or ran off to use the bathroom, there was no fear of losing an important part of their project, as the Lay-n-Go carries every piece easily.

The Lay-n-Go also comes in a larger size that can be spread out on the floor for big projects such as "Lego City". This is the sort of product that will have many parents saying, "I don't know how we ever lived without it!". For those with a sea of half-built building projects halted by integral lost parts, a product that keeps everything together with ease is a lifesaver. It's very to carry around, and kids liked using it too. One reviewer said that when her sons dropped their finished Lego ambulance and it shattered on the floor, without batting an eye, one of them said "I have an idea!", ran and got the Lay-n-Go Lite and quickly gathered all the pieces so as not to lose one.

Melissa Strunc   ©2012 Parents' Choice

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