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Who's Counting

Who's Counting

Spring 2012 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $24.99

Who's Counting has a fun backstory. A reckless chemist makes a math error in his lab and creates the horrible Green Goo that now threatens the Whozits. Players can save the Whozits by stopping the Green Goo with strong equations.

This is a math and numbers card game. Players are dealt seven cards and then lay some or all of them down each turn in a way to earn the most points. You earn points for the result of an equation ("2 x 10 = 20" uses 5 cards and scores a player 20 points, for example) and earn bonus points for the number of Operations cards (addition, subtraction, etc.) played. There are a number of Special cards, too, that make the game interesting. These are cards like Double, which you can play to increase your score for a round, or Negative and Steal, which you can play on an opponents' equation to hurt his or her score.

It's a quick game to learn, and the more it's played the more strategy factors in. Players with stronger math skills would seem to have an advantage, but the Special cards level the playing field. It's a fun game for all skill levels. The playing cards are an added treat, with whimsically drawn Whozits peeking out of each one.

The Classic version has enough cards for 2 to 6 players but there are also multi-pack and super-pack editions with card decks to accommodate up to 12 and 24 players.

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