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Get Ready for School Connecting Cards Letters

Get Ready for School Connecting Cards Letters

Spring 2012 Toys
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Price: $12.95

Trying to find fun ways to get toddlers to recognize and spell sight words and to be able to spell their names and other age appropriate words is very important to most parents. As such, the 'Getting Ready for School Connecting Cards' are a great addition to any educational 'toy' collection. The packaging is colorful and inviting and the simple directions on the box give several suggested uses for these cards. The thirty-six cards are solidly made and easily stored in the box, meaning fewer get lost. Each card has an upper case letter on one side and the lower case version on the back, along with an illustration of a word that begins with that letter on each side. There are extra cards for some of the more commonly used letters. This set provides a great opportunity to encourage learning and nicely uses visual cues on the cards to help children identify the letters and their sounds. One tester said her boys had fun as they learned to spell their names and other words that they had been practicing. This is a nice tool, and it fits well with other learning aides parents or teachers use to practice spelling. At $12.95, it is fairly priced and we recommend it to parents looking for additional ways to work with their children on spelling and pre-reading skills.

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