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Spring 2012 Non-Fiction
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
Author: Catherine Ripley
Illustrator: Scot Ritchie
ISBN: 978-1-926973-24-1
Hardcover Price: $19.95

How? by Catherine Ripley will answer many questions your children might have asked you, and some that they have not even thought to ask yet. The value of the book, which compiles answers to nearly 100 questions children have asked author Catherine Ripley, is its ability to inspire inquisitive thinking. The questions are placed into a narrative starring Jake, Lizzie, their parents, and their visitor, Oma. During Oma's visits, the group holds a birthday party, visits a pet expo, goes on a road trip, gets sick, visits a beach, and, finally, says goodbye to Oma at the airport. Even adults will learn lots from the questions answered here, which include: "Why does gasoline smell so strong?"; "How come tarantulas are so hairy?"; "How do I hear the sea in a shell?"; and "Why do I throw up?". Scot Ritchie's detailed illustrations along with Ripley's clear prose answer each question well.

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