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Fall 2012 DVD
Ages: 3 & Up
DVD Price: $20.00

Rudyard Kipling's famous jungle boy, Mowgli, finds new life in a captivating performance by the Moscow Classical Ballet Company. The ballet, based on Kipling's classic The Jungle Book, was choreographed by two former Bolshoi Ballet stars, and the sophisticated score was composed and conducted by Alexander Prior, a 15-year-old virtuoso.

Dancers perform amid dramatic set pieces to Prior's contemporary score, which provides a rich and mystical backdrop for the tale of young Mowgli, lost in the jungle and raised by animals. The choreography is spectacular, blending traditional Indian dance poses with unexpected animal-inspired sequences as Mowgli wanders from his village and meets up with the creatures of the jungle. The production's animal costumes are particularly imaginative and shown to great advantage as Mowgli interacts with the creatures, some of whom are friends and some of whom prove to be dangerous foes.

Fans of ballet will love this lavish 90-minute production, and for parents hoping to interest their children in the art form, Mowgli is an excellent introduction. Young children will be fascinated by the costumed animal characters, particularly the evil snake Kaa. Older children and adults will be as fascinated by the feat of the virtuoso conductor as they are by the ballet itself.

This DVD does not include any bonus features, however the ballet does include an introduction by Academy Award-winner Angela Lansbury. Consider the production a must-see for any fan of Kipling's source material, The Jungle Book.

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