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Dino Dan - Dino Trackers

Dino Dan - Dino Trackers

Fall 2012 DVD
Ages: 2 - 10 yrs.
DVD Price: $12.99

Dino Dan -Dino Trackers is a 60-minute collection of stories, each running 10 to 12 minutes, featuring the adventures of tween hero Dan Henderson. Dino Dan's an aspiring paleontologist with a vivid imagination. He sees dinosaurs everywhere, and in each story, live action blends with impressive computer-animated dinosaurs roaming around the neighborhood.

The quality of the computer-animated dinosaurs far outweighs the quality of the acting and scripts-but the program is nicely shot and young elementary-aged viewers will learn some basic dino facts and science concepts. "Name-A-Saurus" explains the three ways dinosaurs get their names. In "Mini-Dinos," Dan meets a variety of tiny dinos, likely a revelation to young children who may assume all dinosaurs were huge. Dino Dan -Dino Trackers offers five separate stories in all, plus three bonus extras, including facts about the Stegosaurus, and a field guide to the Diplodocus.

Imagining the dinosaurs in present-day settings is a clever device. Kids can get a good idea of the actual sizes of dinos as they see them in relation to familiar objects such as school buses, soccer fields, and even golf clubs! Lots of programming animates dinosaurs or time-travels humans back to the Jurassic age, but seeing these huge, candy-colored creatures wandering around Dan's familiar modern-day world sets Dino Dan -Dino Trackers apart from similar dino-themed program offerings.

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