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Sketch Foam Printmaking Kit

Sketch Foam Printmaking Kit

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: Eye Can Art
Price: $27.95

Beautifully packaged in a round tin, the Sketch Foam Printmaking Kit will have you and your kids making easy prints in 20 minutes. The lovely instruction booklet has instructions for parents, with sections they recommend you read to your kids, with an emphasis on using recycled materials to make art.

The kit includes 4 thin Styrofoam wafers (like you find at the meat market at the grocery store), colored paper, two paints and a roller. Young artists use pencils to 'draw' pictures on the foam (indenting as they draw). Squirt one of the two provided colors of paint on a tray of some sort (our tester used a flat bottomed glass dish), and roll the roller until it has a light coating of the paint (children LOVED this part). Artists then roll the paint onto their foam art piece, then place the painted foam on paper, making a print. Our 4-year-old artist needed a little help getting the roller covered with just the right amount and covering the foam quickly enough so that it didn't dry out before he applied it to the paper. Still, testers were delighted at the process and in their ability to 'do it themselves'.

Parents suggested that this kit could be a fun way to make holiday cards for the family, with children making a print for the front of the card. Though only a few few foam slips were included in the kit, they would be easy to get from the grocery store. Parents were impressed at how easy clean up was as well. The paint washed off easily. The instructions were easy to follow, and showed some examples of prints. This is an easy, out-of-the box way to introduce your creative artists to printmaking, and fun for the whole family.

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Barbara Chamberlin researches and develops educational software and media at New Mexico State University's Learning Games Lab. She and her husband have two boys.

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