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Do Art Color Pencil Art

Do Art Color Pencil Art

Fall 2012 Toys
Ages: 9 & Up
Manufacturer: Faber-Castell USA
Price: $15.00

Here is a fine color pencil kit for children. The kit includes 10 Color ECOpencils made from reforested wood in Brazil, a zipper pouch to store them, a sketchbook and color paper, tracing paper, a pencil sharpener and eraser. Additionally, there is a 20-page instruction book that guides children step-by-step through the process of creating beautiful images with color pencils. Beginning lessons include how to hold the pencil to create different shading effects, color mixing, layering and blending. Later chapters introduce concepts from impressionism such as pointillism and ideas on how to work with still life drawings.

The materials are very well made and the instruction booklet offers a well-rounded, yet easy-to-follow format for how to get started with this style of art. Although the recommended age is for children nine years and up, our 7-year old tester greatly enjoyed working with this kit with some guidance from mom regarding the instructions. Following the lesson on tracing, he used the vellum paper to trace a favorite sports icon and stylize it using the color techniques from the book. For budding artists, this is great buy.

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