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Fall 2012 Music
Ages: 2 - 10 yrs.
Producer: Coil Records
CD Price: $14.99

Mister G, aka Ben Gundersheimer, follows up his appealing 2011 CD, Bugs, with a new album of original songs sung in Spanish and a mix of Spanish and English. The former indie rocker, elementary school teacher and world traveler skillfully and tunefully wraps entertaining and educational lyrics in a variety of Latin rhythms that offer listeners a welcome invitation to sing along, jump to their feet and move to the beat. A whimsical tribute to a cuddly, soccer-playing monkey ("Mono en mis manos") is a bossa nova delight; "Colores" ("Blue azúl/Rojo red/So many colors inside my head") offers a captivating mix of smooth harmonies and lively piano, guitar and brass accompaniment." "Chocolalala," the title track, is downright yummy ("A quién le gusta chocolate? A mi!"). With his velvety tenor and storyteller's expressiveness, Mister G performs with a host of other top-notch musicians. Singers on the album include his former elementary school students. Lyrics are available at the website, albeit without complete English translations.

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