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Fall 2012 Mobile Apps
Ages: 4 & Up
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch

Whether it's a box, a drawer, or a refrigerator heavy with magnets, most homes have a place for storing children's artwork. But while we might never dream of throwing away that first finger painting or pencil drawing, even the most sentimental among us will hesitate at some point over whether to keep an eighth, ninth, tenth, or twentieth piece of art. It just takes up so much room!

Fortunately, technology makes this decision a little bit easier. Artkive is a new app that is currently free to download. It won't be free forever, claims its developer, so download it at no cost while you can. The app gives parents a simple way to store all of their children's artwork without having to worry about household clutter. With its intuitive interface and smooth sharing features, Artkive will have most parents wondering how they got by without it before.

When you first open Artkive, you'll be prompted to create a username and password. From there, you can tell Artikive the name and grade level of each of your children. That's all the setup you'll need before beginning the processing of capturing and uploading your children's artwork. Simply take a picture of each piece of art you'd like to upload to Artkive's server. You can also use pictures already in your phone's gallery. Tell Artkive which child made it, and the app will automatically fill in the current grade of your young artist. If you're adding older works, just tell Artkive the grade your child was in when the piece was created. Next you'll have the option to add a name and descriptive note to each piece. Once you've done that, choose to either Artkive the piece (save it to the Artkive server) or Artkive and Share it. Because pieces added to Artkive are saved online, you won't need to fill your phone's space with the photos you've taken of your child's artwork. You'll also have a dedicated place to save whatever digital art creations your children make using apps.

Sharing directly from the Artkive app is a cinch, and parents who wish to share their children's artwork with faraway family members will appreciate this feature. The app integrates your phone contacts into its Create a Share Circle feature. Search for the name of someone with whom you'd like to share your child's art, perhaps of a grandparent or other relative, and Artkive will find the email address of that contact. Whenever you Artkive a new photo, you'll have the option to share it with those you've added to your Share Circle. You'll also be asked if you'd like to print the piece from your home printer directly from the app, which could be helpful if you miss having a physical copy of whatever you've uploaded. In the future, Artkive plans to offer more ways to print out the art you've uploaded in books and other memorabilia.

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