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Anna and the Cupcakes

Anna and the Cupcakes

Fall 2012 Music
Ages: 1 - 7 yrs.
CD Price: $11.98

The New York based Bari Koral Family Rock Band is led by acoustic guitarist, and singer/songwriter Bari Koral, who crafts light hearted, country-tinged, pop tunes, reminiscent of Sheryl Crow. She is well supported on her latest album Anna and the Cupcakes by producer Dred Scott, who also plays bass, piano and keyboards, guitarist John Bertsche and drummer Eric Halvorson.

Highlights include the opening Carrie Underwood sounding rave up "Shoes," the title track, "Anna and the Cupcakes," that tells the saga of disappearing cupcakes, a great song about metamorphism in "Butterfly," and a lilting song of space travel in "Rocket Ship." There are tales of a scampering "Gingerbread Man," and lumbering trains ("Train Song"), and even a sprightly pop cover of the Avett Brothers' "Kick Drum Heart." The album ends with the bluesy swing of "Dragon Comes to Dinner."

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