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Spring 2013 Magazines
Ages: 9 - 14 yrs.
Publisher: ePals Media
Newsstand Price: $6.95
Subscription Price: $33.95 / 9 Issues

With a global social-science bent, Faces tours readers around the world with stories and photography depicting the people and cultures in other countries. A single theme dominates most issues. Recent issues, for instance, are dedicated to Vietnam; spirit-world and ghost beliefs in different cultures; and religions.

Regular columns include: High 5 (five brief items relating to the issue's theme); Growing Up In (first-person accounts from kids around the world); Critter Corner (animals of that issue's region); Dear Tommy (a cultural email exchange); and other activities, games and contests.

Faces' stories are informative and entertaining. The July/August 2012 issue features readers' 27 favorite places in the world. There is a fun piece about Italy, with shorter stories about Athens, Paris' Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Washington, D.C., and Egypt's Great Sphinx.

This magazine travels first-class with high-quality content, great illustrations and excellent photos that provide intriguing glimpses into other ways of life. As the world becomes smaller and everyone's life becomes more global, Faces offers youngsters an engaging and educational doorway into understanding their distant neighbors worldwide.

Don Oldenburg   ©2013 Parents' Choice
A former feature writer and consumer columnist at The Washington Post for 22 years, Don Oldenburg is the Director of Publications and Editor of the National Italian American Foundation, in Washington, D.C. He regularly reviews books for USA Today and is the coauthor of "The Washington DC-Baltimore Dog Lovers Companion" (Avalon Travel). The proud father of three sons, he lives with his journalist-author wife, Ann Oldenburg, in McLean, VA.

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