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Ranger Rick Magazine

Ranger Rick Magazine

Spring 2013 Magazines
Ages: 7 & Up
Newsstand Price: $3.95
Subscription Price: $19.95 / 10 Issues

When trying to develop my sons' reading skills, I received excellent advice from a friend: "Expose him to a variety of books until you find what fascinates him." While following that advice, I showed my son Ranger Rick, and I knew he was hooked. Now eight, my son loves animals and nature.

I don't know if my son was drawn to Ranger Rick because he loved animals, or if he grew to appreciate animals through the magazine. With its beautiful photography, interesting animal facts, and appropriate stories, this quality magazine could make any child a fan of the great outdoors. One standout piece includes a photo spread of doting animal dads and their babies. It shows the Poison Frog carrying his just hatched tadpoles on his back, the Giant Water Bug coved in more than 150 eggs, and the Emperor Tamarin and his snuggly charge. The magazine turns simple-sounding topics like the different ways ducks eat into memorable articles. Both of my boys loved the article on the "Mighty Mantis" with spectacular photography of the insects eating other bugs, hiding in their environments and even making babies: "Mantises eat, mantises get eaten, and mantises go on making more babies".

The reading level of Ranger Rick is just perfect for new readers, but offers enough interesting information to engage parents. This is one magazine that, if left out on your coffee table, will be picked up repeatedly by everyone in your home.

Barbara Chamberlin   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Barbara Chamberlin researches and develops educational software and media at New Mexico State University's Learning Games Lab. She and her husband have two boys.

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