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Spring 2013 Website
Ages: 4 - 7 yrs.
Producer: K12 Inc

EmbarK12 is an online learning environment that offers a plethora of lessons and activities designed to get preschoolers ages 4-5 ready for kindergarten.

Although impossible for us to measure results of the full course offerings in the two month evaluation period, we can report that our parent testers found much available. During the time of our testing, the administrators made a significant price reduction, thus making the wide range of offerings available to many more people. The full online-only lesson package is now available for $59 for a one year subscription. For $250, users can access all online lessons and teacher guides as well as the flashcards and manipulatives.

To get the most from the pre-school themed lessons and activities requires a commitment of time and focus. Getting youngsters ready for kindergarten means helping them get comfortable with a variety of topics from personal relationships (friends and family) to identifying animals, sights, sounds, and senses. For parents who want to lead the learning, the teacher guides offer helpful tips and information that cover objectives, how to construct or present learning activities, EmbarK12 offers eighteen units with lessons and activities encompassing language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and music.

As one can expect, not all families had the same experience: some families found the lessons varied in range of quality and difficulty. But with all that EmbarK12 offers, parents can customize a plan that best suits their children.

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