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Spring 2013 Website
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Big Bad Tomato
Producer: Lynn Kestin Sessler
Producer: Linda Leonard
Producer: Samantha Souksamrane

Read to your child every day of the week
With Dr. Seuss characters of Who and of Sneetch
And learn from the Lorax to keep Earth at its peak

Meet Charles Cohen, a scholar of Seuss
A booklover he, and of course a great sleuth
With style and with humor, some even say wisdom
Learn all about Seuss - the books and the kingdom

The website is fun, how could it be otherwise,
Who doesn't love Seuss, Ted Geisel's disguise?

The author who illustrated 44 books for young readers
Broke conventions of literacy that quickly turned keepers
He turned task into fun, and page-turning a glee
Making readers of more than just you and just me.

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