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Nature for Kids Beginning Spanish

Nature for Kids Beginning Spanish

Spring 2013 DVD
Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Producer: Language Tree

Nature for Kids Beginning Spanish plays like a nature documentary for young elementary-aged children, offering a very enjoyable study of animals and plants on the African Savannah. Narrated entirely in Spanish, this 40-minute DVD contains twelve vignettes filled with stunning wildlife photography and amusing animal antics sure to hold a young child's interest regardless of whether he understands the Spanish-language narration or not.

Jacket copy says the program incorporates a foreign language instruction methodology called the Multi-Cognition Approach. This program is a product of Language Tree, and on their website they explain the methodology as a learning process which includes repetition, active thinking, and information clustering. They claim this method allows people to learn at a faster rate and retain more of what they learn. In addition to the all-Spanish narration track, the program occasionally uses text at the bottom of the screen to stress certain Spanish words, and sometimes also uses highlighting techniques on parts of the video for added emphasis, both techniques that aid in teaching vocabulary.

If this were the only Spanish-language instruction a child was receiving, it probably would take numerous viewings before a beginner would acquire enough Spanish to fully understand the subject matter. For those who want a little additional help with the content, the DVD offers optional English subtitles. If you're open to a new approach to foreign-language instruction, and especially if your child is an animal lover, Nature for Kids Beginning Spanish is an enjoyable place to launch your language lessons.

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